The sound of a live jazz combo is a beautiful thing. It's power to move, inspire, seduce, tranquilize or energize you can't be denied. Like other distinct art forms with a unique signature it sometimes is sought by only those who need to fill a particular niche. These are the wonderful folks who call themselves fans of Jazz. You know, the ones that can name a jazz standard if you hum a few bars.We feel this music is much broader than that and that a jazz combo, and Los Feliz Quartet in particular, helps transcend genres just a bit. This is in part due to the band being eclectic music lovers and performers. That sensibility is carried through their performances and the audience is their guide that elevates the experience. They bring a potent common thread on this journey through the unique color pallet of the jazz combo. Los Feliz Quartet works the canvas. You make it art.

Los Feliz Quartet


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